Super Bowl Monday Hangover Cures

February 7, 2011

I cannot tell you how many times I woke up on a Monday after the Super Bowl feeling horrible due to the copious amounts of alcoholic beverages I consumed starting with the light beers that went down easy at the beginning of the first pre-game show, the shots I took during the game itself through the final whistle and the cocktails sipped on late into the night while discussing the every aspect of the previous night’s game. Clearly all these drinks culminated into an excruciating hangover that would have brought the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson to his knees.

Thankfully, due to the bad weather and physical ailments, this year I attended no Super Bowl parties and am available to share my plethora of hangover remedies.

Hair Of The Dog Remedies
My favorite hair of the dog remedy is the standard Bloody Mary. The tomato juice or V-8 masks the taste of the alcohol nicely. Get a 12 ounce can or bottle of V-8 (preferred) or tomato juice. In a 16 ounce glass pour two shot glasses of Vodka in first. Follow this by a half a glass of ice. Then pour in your V-8 or tomato juice. Stir the indgredients around. If you’re planning to drive, I suggest you parcel it out into two drinks with a shot of Vodka in each.

My second favorite hair of the dog remedy is the classic Screwdriver. Take out that 16 ounce glass and bless it with two standard shot glasses of Vodka. Next, fill it half way with ice cubes. Fill the glass with orange juice and stir. Once again, if you have to drive, split this into two drinks.

Virgin Remedies
My first choice is the widely available Vitamin Water flavor Revive. Down at least two of these ice cold miracle workers and you are sure to feel significantly better within an hour.

Gatorade is another miracle worker, but is most effective when complemented by water. Gatorade actually helps your body to absorb H2O faster and that will, in turn, shorten the length of your hangover.

Believe it or not, greasy foods will soothe your nasty hangover. The best of said foods is bacon. Bacon serves to replenish your body of everything your self-destructive Super Bowl binge depleted from your system. This of course does not include water. Therefore, hydrate while you’re crunching on the best a pig has to offer our breakfast plates.

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