Will Texas Tech Upset The University of Texas Longhorns?

Texas Tech Upset of The University of Texas Longhorns?
There has been a great deal of speculation in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Sports Media this week questioning whether or not the Longhorns will be able to beat the Red Raiders in Lubbock this Saturday.

Here’s my take on this match up. Wow! Texas Tech beat a greatly improved but still unproven SMU team by 8 at home. Then they blew out an abysmal New Mexico team. If you can’t tell by now I’m being sarcastic.

Match Up: Longhorns Blow Out The Red Raiders Candle
The Red Raiders do have a lot of returning lettermen, but they’re still returning to Tech. Only by using faulty logic can one use this as a factor in the outcome of the game this weekend. By choosing to take this into account as something that will greatly affect the outcome of the game, one fails to take into consideration the outstanding recruiting efforts carried out by Coach Mack Brown and The University of Texas Football Program. The only players Tech has that don’t play for the Longhorns are those who were not hot enough prospects coming out of high school that they could ever hope to earn a starting spot at UT. This being said, the returning letterman at Tech amount to nothing more than players who would be back ups if they chose to play for the Longhorns. Come on, how many Pop Warner players aspire to play for Texas Tech and out of the small percentage that do, how many keep that mindset all the way through high school and make it a consideration for where they choose to play college football if they are athletically inclined to do so? I give it a liberal .03% off all high school prospects and 1% of Texas high school prospects. So to be honest, the match up in this game amounts to not much more than the Orange and White scrimmage. Also, remember the Texas Longhorns are #1 with players turning pro with 40 players currently on NFL Rosters.

Margin Of Victory
Texas Tech is coming off a road blow out of a lackluster program. Big deal. I think this serves as an advantage not for the Red Raiders, but for the Longhorns. The University of Texas is walking into Jones Stadium with something to prove, not with the idea that they are pre-determined for victory. The unranked Red Raiders think that by beating two unranked teams they’re in position to upset the number 6th ranked team in the country. They’re sadly mistaken. The University of Texas beat Rice and Wyoming. Now these weren’t great teams and the margin of victory didn’t bide well in the BCS Super Computer, but they won those two games and at no point in those games did the Longhorns struggle. UT will outscore Tech in every quarter just like they did against Rice and Wyoming. Beating SMU by 8 points is no indication that Texas Tech has any hope of steamrolling The University of Texas.

Home Field Advantage?
Yes, the Red Raiders are playing at home. That will work to Tech’s advantage, but will by no means slow the Texas Longhorns down. The Horns play at a 50 thousand plus stadium at every home game. Sure, they’re dealing with Tech’s home team fans, but the Longhorns are still used to huge stadiums full of fans. There will be plenty of UT fans that travel for the game and when the Red Raiders aren’t getting’ it done, the Longhorns will be able to enjoy the silence.

I’m not going to predict a score, but merely a spread. I like The University of Texas Longhorns beating the Texas Tech Raiders by 8 points or more. If Tech pulls off a win it will be due to sheer luck.

105.3 The Fan’s Arnie Spanier has Tech beating the Longhorns 34-24. Be sure to let him know what you think when the Longhorns prove him wrong.

–Vernoy “The Professor” Calisse
DFWGambler.com Staff Writer

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