Blown Calls

Blown calls, whether they cost a bettor money, ruin an athlete’s or team’s monumental achievement are becoming far too common in sports. It’s one thing to lose a game when the team doesn’t play to its full potential or when they are clearly outmatched by their opponent, but blown calls tarnish the reputation of the respective sport in which they have been committed.

Baseball has already lost scores of fans and perspective fans due to steroid scandals and the player strike. The inability to of on-field officials to make reliable calls has further tarnished the reputation of America’s greatest sport. Galarraga’s no-hitter only scratches the surface of a growing problem in Major League Baseball.

The national pastime is not the only sport affected by this trend in lackluster officiating. The USA was knocking on the door of a monumental win in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but were struck down by a clearly bad call from a referee. This call setback the popularity of soccer among American sportsfans at a time when the potential for interest in the sport seeing a huge spike was imminent.

If this trend continues, all sports will suffer. No fan wants to invest all that time watching and cheering for their team only to have victories and achievements taken away unfairly by the very people who are their with the sole purpose to ensure a sporting contest is played fairly.

Stephen “Longhorn Man” Austin Staff Writer

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