Can USA pull off a win against Slovenia?

Ok, so the Lakers are NBA Champs again and I was rooting for the Celtics. It doesn’t really matter since I had Boston +7. Since my favorite team, the Mavericks, has long been finished with the playoffs I didn’t really care about the game outside the small wager I had on the game.

Now the World Cup is a whole different story. I’ve never been a huge soccer fan especially having grown up here in Texas where football is king and the Horns and the Cowboys are royalty. Hell, the Oilers got a better draw than most MLS teams and the earned them a one way ticket to Tennessee. I really didn’t think I was going to be to interested in it until I watched the US tie England. I felt as though the tie was almost a metaphor for the U.S.’s struggle with British Petroleum. A hard fought battle with no clear winner.

Of course I don’t see our match up with Slovenia as a struggle for anything other than bragging rights and keeping that small glimmer of hope alive that we might just win it all. I know we’re looking for a miracle, but being a lifelong Texas Rangers fan, I’m used to holding out hope no matter what the odds. I’m just praying that USA doesn’t blow a clearly winnable match the way the Rangers start blowing 3 run leads after the All-Star Break.

I don’t know a lot about European Football handicapping, but I do know the US looked good against the Limeys. The way I see our godsend appears to be the goalie Tim Howard. Other than that we need to score with more authority than, to paraphrase Happy Gilmore a soft “tippy, tap, tap, tapparoo” goal like the only one we managed against England. Last, but not least the U.S. must chill out with the yellow cards which when added up equal a game suspension.

Who would I take in this game? The USA, not because I feel like rooting for them is the equivalent of rooting for our country, but because I honestly think us Yanks have a superior team. I don’t think that Slovenia really showed much against Algeria; they really struggled to win. I love an underdog, but I’ve got to take the USA, especially if I can get even money at a watching party. Go USA!

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Can the US World Cup Team beat Slovenia?

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